You can DRAG & DROP an Email action for example, and then enter your "Subject:" & "From:" and hit the "EDIT" button


After you select one, choose Edit Content and you can start adjusting your email copy.

Here are some cool dynamic events (properties) you can apply to your email templates.

Shipment Status: e.g. Delivered
use the below shortcode

{{ event.shipment_status }}

Shipment Sub-Status: e.g. At pickup location
use the below shortcode

{{ event.shipment_substatus_label }}

Order Number: e.g. 1007
use the below shortcode

{{ event.order_id }}

Customer First Name: e.g. John
use the below shortcode

{{ first_name|default:'' }}

Total Orders Count: e.g. 7
use the below shortcode

{{ person|lookup:'orders_count'|default:'' }}

Custom Tracking Page Link (can be used directly in your Button Block)
use the below shortcode

{{ event.shipment_link }}

Check the example below. On the LEFT are the Blocks used, on the RIGHT is what your customers will receive.


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